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Solar 101

Solar Energy and Save - Clean and more affordable energy
Free Installation and Full Service

Sync Merchants Solar System makes your switch to clean, more affordable energy as easy as possible. It starts with a free consultation and free installation. Our highly trained team will take care of your entire project from start to finish and beyond.

Best Looking Roof in the Block

Our unique mounting technology blends our solar panels right into your roof. The low-profile design and premium front trim gives your home a new sleek look.

Customer Care is our top priority

You can count on us. Our dedicated team includes the most experienced professionals in the industry. They take care of everything, keep you informed and set up a personalized webpage where you can track your project status.

Great savings beyond solar

Sync Merchants Solar Energy can make your home healthier, more comfortable and cost efficient. Our energy saving explorer can show you how your home uses and losses energy. We can recommend energy upgrades and repairs. It's included with your system.

Guaranteed Performance

Our real-time monitoring helps ensure that your energy saving system is working. We also cover all repair costs in the rare event problems arise.

Pay as you Go

We revolutionized the power industry by making solar energy available to more homeowners than ever. You can sign up with little of no money down and simply pay an affordable rate every month.

We've Got Your Back Through Every Step

Step 1: Free Solar Consultation

Request for a free consultation by calling 1.800.965.1573 or fill-out our online form. Our solar advisors can give you an estimate of your monthly and long term savings.

Step 2: Proposal

We will prepare a detailed proposal with your recommended system size and finance options. Many homeowners choose our $0 down options where you pay monthly instead of all at once.

Step 3: System Design

Our experts engineers have designed thousands of solar systems and will custom design your system based on your unique needs.

Step 4: Installation

Most installations take only one day. Our team will handle everything including permits and inspections.

Step 5: Turn it on!

Here's the best part of the entire installation process. You get to flip the switch and turn on the power!

Step 6: Ongoing Customer Care

Sync Merchants Energy Saving Solar System continuously monitors your system to ensure it's always working. Our service are automatically alerted if there are any problems.

Clean Energy that Saves you Money

You could lower your monthly energy bill
It's that simple. Solar power lets you generate your own energy at a lower price than what you pay now. Best of all, Sync Merchants Energy Saving Solar System lets you lock in low predictable energy rates. Traditionally utility costs tend to rise every year, but you can watch your savings grow over time.

It gives you the power
Take control of your electric bill and watch you meter spin backward. Solar power lets you generate your own electricity and put surplus power back into the grid. The utility company will even pay or credit you.

It's better for our environment
Switching to clean energy is one of the most meaningful things you can do for our environment. A solar power system for an average of 3-bedroom home will offset 50 tons of carbon dioxide over 20 years. That's the equivalent of driving your car 125,000 miles. Everyone benefits.

Solar power increases your home value
It's a huge plus when it comes time to sell your home. A research study found that solar homes are commanded more at time of resale than homes without one.

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