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Hospice and Palliative Care Partners
  • What is Hospice?
    Hospice is a program of health care and services designed to meet the special needs to patient and their loved ones in times of crisis and terminal illness.
  • Can Hospice make a difference?
    YES, Hospice are can dramatically impact the amount of pain and suffering experienced, providing quality time to live comfortably and fully, with privacy and dignity, in your own home or care facility. The expectation is that the dying individual will have the opportunity to prepare for a death with dignity.
  • Who Provides Care?
    Care is delivered by a team of professionals who address the patient's needs on medical, physical, emotional and spiritual levels. The team consists of the patient Attending Physician, hospice Medical Director, Registered Nurse, Home Health Aide, Social Worker, Chaplain, and trained volunteers.
  • How is Hospice Care Started?
    Help is only a phone call away. The patient's attending physician, the patient, a family member, friends, clergy, social worker, hospital discharge planner or any person concerned with a patient's well being can make a referral. Call us and we will contact the patient's physician for approval. Services can generally be started within 24 hours.
Patient Services
Patient Services
  • 24-hours availability
  • Trained skilled nursing services. Home visits and care coordination by trained registered nurses. We provide nursing when the patient needs it the most.
  • Physician medical direction and services
  • Home health aide and homemaker services. Homemaking services designed to give peace of mind and comfort. Provides direct personal care and support to the patient and family, and identifies changes and needs to Registered Nurse Case Manager.
  • Medical Social Work. Counseling for patient, their families and caregivers.
  • Spiritual support
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Pain Control. Our major priority is patient care! Palliative care for pain control, comfort and symptom management is provided.
  • Medication and Medical Equipment. Medications for pain, symptom management and illness related, and necessary medical equipment, supplies and Oxygen are provided.
  • Trained Volunteers. Hospice volunteers compassionately give assistance and comfort through friendly visits.
  • Physical, Occupational , Speech, Languange therapy
  • Respite Care
  • Continuous care during periods of crisis
  • Short-term in patient care for symptom control
  • Bereavement follow up program
Hospice Criteria

Eligibility requirments for Medicare and Medical Benefits will be determined when a patient meets the following criteria.

First: The Patient has a limited life expectancy.

Second: Curative measures have ended and the focus is now on physical, emotional, spiritual comfort.

Thirds: The patient's physician authorizes hospice care.

Who Pays for the Hospice Care?

      Hospice care is a covered benefit under most private insurance plans including HMO's and managed care organizations. In addition, hospice is a covered Medicare benefit, and in California is Medicaid benefit private pay arrangements can be made for those who qualify. Hospices also rely upon community support for both donations and volunteer staff.